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Product Name:Newly Developed Icontek inkjet Digital Textile Printer

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L4,150mm×W1,760mm×H1,100mm /510kg

Detailed Product Description:

principal advantages

◆ Japan all-steel industrial printhead, super stable and reliable, to make sure 24 hours' stable printing.
◆ Japan certificated environment-friendly ink can extend the printhead lifespan and make sure the printing quality.
◆ Color gamut extends to 6 colors,and accuracy can reach 1440DPI
◆ Double row printhead is easy for adjusting and brings better printing function and faster speed. 
◆ USB connector , optical fiber transmitting connector can bring super rapid speed transmitting experience, and data correction ensure the stability of data transfer.
◆ Optimized fog spray,eclosion, and two dimension printing mode improve the 100% color lump printing quality efficiently. 
◆ All adopted imported high quality spare parts to improve the stability of the machine.
◆ SPT-1020-35PL suit high speed banner printing, and high color saturation.
◆ SPT-255GS variable ink drop is fit for high quality banner, accurate color restore,and it is also suit for thermal transfer printing on paper.
◆ Matched with disperse dye ink is applied in Chemical fiber textile printing.
◆ Matched with active ink(acid ink) can be applied to textile printing such as cotton.

Japan Seiko Printhead

Industrial On-demand piezoelectronic printhead from SII Printtek Inc.,brings unprecedented stability, reliability and longer lifespan for printhead into digital printing .35pl ink droplet with 6 colors presents unquestionable color reproduction, speed and resolution.

SPT-1020/35pL SPT-255GS variety ink droplets

Super wide drying system & Sublimation heating system

Adopted Infra red heating system. Even though after high speed printing, do not need worry the ink would be pasted on the poles or any dusts pasted on the fabric. Printing and heating could be conducted synchronously. It can prevent the wet ink splashing around, ensures printing quality and also reduce the working procedure.
Independent infra red heating and drying + whole roll take up system(Solution 1)
Independently removable sublimation heating system(Solution 2)

Intelligent LED Screen Monitor & Professional printing Software

Multi-functional LED touch screen monitor, simply operate buttons can improve the production efficiently .Powerful Printing output Software monitors and adjusts the listed task. Meanwhile it can change the speed and fog printing effect in the process of printing.

Schnelder Plc+Touch screen panel Wastch Printing management Software

Auto Feeding & Taking Up system

Feeding System: Feeding tension control and matched with weight stacks to suit different media weight.
Two options take up system : Whole roll take up system, Flexible take up system tension take up system

Auto lift take up system tension rod take up system

Rubber Roll feeding system

1.Because the fabrics has some certain of elastic ,if we use the traditional solvent printer presser, it will be difficult to transfer and also will wrinkle the fabric . While rubber roll transfer can tight the media, and it won't scratch the media even if the printhead is adjusted low,meanwhile, we adopt the front and back synchronic design plus the accurate transmit of Panasonic motor.even by pass 74/2mm( Seiko 1020 head print 2 pass, it won't overlap or gap. 2.Tension rod feeding, Automatic cylinder media sending monitor.All rubber rolls are controlled by cylinder and can be adjusted the pression size by air throttle which will improve the accuracy of transfer, thus even super-thin chiffon material can print stably.

Tension rod feeding Automatic cylinder media sending monitor

Original imported Panasonic Motor

Specially designed single-phase 200V, single/ triphase driver. Simple, high-performance operation panel which make the parameter adjustment convenient, state monitoring, fault tip, powerful intelligent automatic function can make the complicated adjustment easily.
Panasonic Servo Motor Panasonic Servo Motor


By high precision gearbox to improve output torque,accurate tension control to adapt different textile material,synchronic back and front rubber roll design, and automatic error correction mode, all of which make sure the same quality output even under the condition of printing more than 100 meters.
Gearbox Speed controller

Electronic control function

Adopted optical fiber can transmit stably even under the condition of mass picture information and correct the transmitting data timely. Intelligent LED shows the work state and problem of most of the boards.we carefully select each electrical parts to ensure the board lifespan and stability.
Industrial circuit control system Print head printing Control boards

Powerful Negative pressure and ink supply system

Double air pressure and negative pressure ink supply system ensure ink supply stable to improve the printing quality and work efficiency. Even one system malfunctioned, the other can start immediately to make sure the printing continue.
Air pipe compressor system Ink Supply system


Product Model



Seiko Instrument Group SPT Printhead From Japan

Number of Printhead


Printhead Model


Printhead Sequency


printing mode

Print Speed

High-speed mode
Standard mode
High quality mode
Ink Type
Sublimation dye ink, Reactive dye ink and Acid dye ink all compatible.
Ink Color
6Color(C,M,Y,K,LC,LM) 4Color(C,M,Y,K)

Ink Supply System

Low Ink Detector,Auto or Manual Ink Supply System

Maximum Media Width


Maximum Print Width


Media Type

Silky、 Viscose、Tencel、Cotton、Polyester、Nylon

Auto Media Feeding & Take-up System

Equipped( Max.Media Weight 80kg)

Auto Cleaning System

Positive Cleaning Anti-clogged Flash Function

Pre-heating & Drying System
Equiped(Drying System Optional)Infra-red Heating System Optional



Print Interface


Printhead Height

Auto 40mm above media adjustable

RIP Software

Maintop, PhotoPrint, UltraPrint, Wastch

Input Power

AC220V 50HZ

Operation Environment

Temperature: 20°C-28°C, Humidity: 40%-60%

Machine Dimension

L4,740mm×W980mm×H1,500mm /450kg

Package Dimension

L4,870mm×W1,760mm×H1,100mm /560kg