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Product Name:TW-3308HZ / 3306HZ / 3308FZ

Product Details:
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1 Bag/Bags
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guangdong shenzhen
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L/C ,T/T
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L5430 *W1210*H1960mm, 2000kg

Detailed Product Description:

Strong Carriage Structure

Aluminum carriage structure to ensure the carriage moving stably. The printhead carriage can be adjusted height freely in accordance with the material thickness to ensure the ink dots drops in the right position so that getting the high resolution images.

Aluminum Seamless Carraige Free lift Regulator

Scientific roller rod feeding system.

Infrared control, automatic Feeding system and take-up system, adopted three rollers and one pull rod feeding system, max. Load capacity 120KG.


Slippery wheel Feeding System double rod axis

Synchronous take up system

Panasonic Motor

Specially designed single-phase 200v, single/ triphase driver. Simple, high-performance operation panel which make the parameter adjustment convenient, state monitoring, fault tip, powerful intelligent automatic function can make the complicated adjustment easily.

Guide rail motive power motor Rubber roller Motive Power motor

Circuit control function

Industrial control system which operates stably and high-speed without electromagnet interruption by fiber optics data transmission. Meanwhile, the power of the inner circuit is transmitted by cable which will be more durable. With regular distributed circuit and independent safe switch, its power system can reach the industrial standard.


Industrial Circuit control

Double optical grating

Guide Rail and Media feeding system

Double guide rail which will make sure the carriage move more accurate, plus pressure wheel adjust the pressure automatically to make sure the media feeding smoothly, accuracy and reliability.


Double guide rail

Auto media presser

Rubber roller and heating platform system

With antiskid rubber roller which can ensure the media feeding stably, wide heating platform will be advantageous to the soften of the material to ensure the ink will be adsorbed.


Antiskid rubber roller media feeding axis

Platform heating, single fan, infrared heating

Clamp and suction

Slippery slot compressor which can avoid the scratch of the media then the carriage stuck the media. The machine plate inserted suction, through the plate ,small holes make the media stick the platform, then the media can not be easily wrinkle and also the carriage can't easily be scratched, thus make the printing effect better.


Slippery Clamp

Built-in Suction platform


Product Model





SPT -510/35pl

SPT -1020/35pl

Number of Printhead

8 Heads

6 Heads

8 Heads

Printhead Sequency




Maximum Print Width

3200mm 125.9 inch

Maximum Media Width

3300mm 129.9 inch

printing mode

Print Speed

High speed

3pass 104m2/h

1pass 107m2/h

1pass 214m2/h

Middle speed

4pass 78m2/h

2pass 76m2/h

2pass 152m2/h

Middle speed

3pass 72m2/h

Standard speed

4pass 54m2/h

2pass 54m2/h

2pass 108m2/h

Ink Type

Solvent Ink

Ink Color

6Color( C\M\Y\K \LM\LC 2x4Color( C\M\Y\K

Ink Supply System

Low Ink Detector,Auto or Manual Ink Supply System

Auto Cleaning System

Positive Cleaning,Anti-clogged Flash Function

RIP Software

Maintop, PhotoPrint, UltraPrint

Print Interface


Printhead Height

2 to 4mm Above Media Adjustable

Media Type

Vinyl,Flex,Polyester,Back-Iit Film,Window Film,etc oll Media or Sheet Media

Auto Media Feeding

Equipped(Max.Media Weight 80kg)

Pre-heating & Drying System

Equipped(Equiped(Drying System Optional))Infra-red Heating System Optional



Input Power

AC220V 50HZ

Operation Environment

Temperature:20°C--28°C, Humidity: 40%--60%

Machine Dimension

L5300 *W1090*H1850mm, 1600kg

Package Dimension

L5430 *W1210*H1960mm, 2000kg